Why Gray Wolf?

In alchemy, antimony is disguised as the Gray Wolf, also known as Lupus Metalorum. The Gray Wolf is the penultimate stage in the making of the Philosopher’s Stone, so in terms of the spiritual and psychological development of humankind it symbolizes the condition that brings us very close to the enlightenment we seek; however, both physically and metaphorically speaking, the final stage of making lead into gold is yet to come, so the Gray Wolf can symbolize either success or failure.

Antimony (widely used in alloying to increase hardness and mechanical strength) comes from the Greek words anti and monos, which together mean “not alone” and that’s the perfect description for the way we think about games. Outside of direct experience, games represent one of the best mechanisms for communicating big ideas. They keep our minds active and open and provide a unique opportunity for structured social interaction. What could be better than having fun, hanging out with your friends, and unlocking the secrets of the universe?


Justin Waggle

Justin began gaming at an early age under the merciless tutelage of his grandfather. His education began with Chess, Monolopy, Scrabble, and Balderdash and quickly moved on to Risk, Rail Baron, Titan, Wiz-War, and many many others. He has always been fascinated with fantasy and sci-fi books (pretty much anything with compelling characters and a good adventure) as well as choose-your-own-adventure books like Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. Did we mention he’s a huge comic book geek? Excelsior!

Justin has a degree in Theatre and you may have seen him on stage recently as Lockstock in Urinetown at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre, Kenickie in Grease at El Camino’s Campus Theatre, or Commander Harbison in South Pacific at Glendale Centre Theatre among other places. He has directed and produced successful productions of Mr. Marmalade by Noah Haidle and FUBAR by Karl Gadjusek. As a member of the web series community, Justin has worked as a producer for Pairings and I Will Love. You also might recognize Justin as Peter Foote from Episode 6 of  GOLD the series.

When he’s not acting, directing, producing, or bathing himself in Tabletop and RPG glory, Justin is parked in front of a computer screen dissecting code. He’s a PHP/mySQL/jQuery developer during the day (and other less convenient times).