Why Gray Wolf?

Why Gray Wolf?

Wolves have been a constant companion for humankind and a source of inspiration, wisdom, and power across different cultures. They are symbolic guides of our unconscious minds to journeys of self-discovery. The black wolf represents our ties to the physical world. The white wolf represents our connection to the spiritual. The gray wolf represents these wolves at play.

Justin Waggle

Owner and Game Designer

Justin began gaming at an early age under the merciless tutelage of his grandfather. His education began with Chess, Monolopy, Scrabble, and Balderdash and quickly moved on to Risk, Rail Baron, Titan, Wiz-War, and many many others. He has always been fascinated with fantasy and sci-fi books (pretty much anything with compelling characters and a good adventure) as well as choose-your-own-adventure books like Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. Did we mention he’s a huge comic book geek? Excelsior!

When he’s not acting, directing, producing, training in martial arts, or bathing himself in Tabletop and RPG glory, Justin is parked in front of a computer screen dissecting code. He’s a full stack web developer during the day (and other less convenient times).



Matt Waggle



Dustin Schwartz

Rulebook Editor


Mike Mullins

Game Developer


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Jord Riekwel

Logo Designer


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